martes, 27 de mayo de 2014

Listen to: You Rascal You

Drinks the whole glasses of scotch… leave him alone. Or not… Whatever…

Heavy guitar in the background… Low lights. His sad looks don’t make him less attractive for them. Always them… please never go away or he’s gonna have to go after any other one. But not right now, first, he has to finish that drink or maybe ten, depends on the next step of the beautiful blonde on the sit by the corner. She’s been lookin’ for a while. He didn’t noticed so she came unannounced which is not a bad thing.

-You’re not a happy drunk don’t you? – she says.
- What gives you that impression – he answers while turning to her and subtly smiling.
-I’m not judging, just making an observation.
- Maybe you’re right, but I’m very flexible when it comes to my mood. Don’t let it scares you.
-Smiling too – I don’t get scared easily. In fact, I’m not afraid of… anything. – She says very close to his ear and slowly.

He takes the last drink.

Then just before the getting out of there, an incredible redhead enters like in slow motion. Looks directly to him from all across the room, walking almost running over really tough men under red light like a dream in hell, she’s decided… She gets to him and now she’s mad, really mad with that hate look. The not anymore sexy blonde gets out of there as an scared pussycat. The sexier female takes a big knife from the nowhere; touches his face softly with it; he’s not moving but not afraid either. She takes just a bit of his hair, smells it strongly, turns and go away without looking back.

He asks for another drink. Double. Drinks it in one take.

The scratchy guitar still sound in the back. And nothing changes, all over the place people trying to play some pool, kissing men and women, dancing over the tables y making pee wherever the need to do it. It’s time to go. His jacket on… and the one he was waiting for arrives exactly when he was turning to the exit door.

The brown hair, she didn’t need to move slowly, he was hypnotized… a pair of glasses before her eyes. He just puts his arm on the bar and a tequila shot reaches his hand, same that he drinks immediately. Stand up. They walk to each other at the same pace. One in front the other closely. No smiles. Not looking anywhere but their eyes. Hers some color like honey and his almost as dark as black. He takes her in his arms without asking and she takes that little jump. Hard kiss.

The love of his life.
The love of hers.
They take off.

-You took too long I’ve been besieged by a couple of lovely girls. Almost think about it.
-Sorry, I wanted you to have a little bit of fun. But you’re going to have a real one.

Walk away…

Husband and wife.