lunes, 21 de septiembre de 2009

And this is the truth. Accept it NOW

- What is that you love so much about this woman?
- He body. Her face. The way she used to love me. But not any more. I mean, by the end, not even the way she looked at me showed a bit of admiration.
- Sorry, but, those things don't hear like enough reason for a person to leave everything and live in wonderland. An imaginary wondeland. Cause there's a real one, one that is possible to reach, but yours... yours doesn't feel like one of those.
- Uoh don't worry, don't hold your self back, my heart heart can take more crap.
- You don't need more reasons to stay on that distructive relation, you are screaming for reasons to convince yourself to leave it.
- Well that's waht you think, cause I feel like I could live all the circus again and again until one of both die or until she decides to open her eyes.
- Circus? that's not a good expression for what you've called the love of your life. For what I've known.
- Maybe it's not...

- I feel like I can´t fight anymore, but I can't live without it either. I can't lie, and I can't tell the truth.
- So here's what happends so you can hate it: for what you've told me, she doesn't love you. She doesn't think you're her favourite person anymore, and that have been the reallity for a long time. More than your mind could accept. You won't ever be again the man she look up to. And she doesn't leave you just because she's not better than you.
- I see... well it's been a pleasure but I have some drug addict, world hatter to visit. Thank you for your conforting words. Nothing better for a depressed man ears than the rough and direct truth. See you next time... or not, what ever.

"And my love will stay true. I will finish this before life currupts it".
One clean shot under his chean, and everything finishes ones for all. And she'll never know the world without his heart in her hands.