miércoles, 10 de julio de 2013

My first hurt song in years

Remember me when he’s walking by your side
‘Cause the truth Darling is I’m better than he’ll ever be

The time we walked the streets together
Hunt me like the ghost of the kid I ones was
And the times we said I love you
Will never leave my broken heart

The times that I hurt you were the only times that happened
Because you gave and lost, and so did I
But the times turned ugly despites your love and mine
Until the time to say goodbye took us by surprise

So remember me when his lips meet yours
While I’m weeping because of the course
Then I’ll follow you till’ the end
Just because we were never good friends

We danced, kissed and shined
Like with no one like before
But the love is just never enough
Should we forget it like it will happen no more?

So the times we fucked in my front seat car you’ll erase
‘Cause the one who hurt was me and no one else; you will fill it with your boys and friends
But take me in your purse, your eyes and your soul
So you can never let me go
So I can never let you go

So remember me when he meets you at your door
While I’m weeping because of the course
That exiting were never the same
Then I’ll follow you till’ the end

Remember me when you’re walking down the aisle
‘Cause the truth darling, is you were suppose to be my wife
So please baby, remember just me
‘Cause I may not be better than him
But despite the pain we were good together

And I’ll be waiting right here
And you’ll never be happy